Racing Cockpit

The absolute magic of racing home video games

Contemporary racing cockpits are not being appreciated sufficiently. These astonishing racing simulations are so true to life. At first sight you can barely distinguish it's a play and not a real Formula 1 competition, for example! Sadly, these types of video games are not being really accepted and prized by the majority of the car racing game devotees worldwide.

Control sticks are not the correct option for the home video game racing lovers

Why is it so? The answer is simple. Racing with the conventional video gaming controllers everybody keeps at home, does not create the authentic realism these stunning video racing car games really do supply you with. And they supply a lot. A lot more than you can imagine, at least until you detect the real thrill hidden in each one of them...

How do you attain full realism when playing car racing games?

Just attempt to stay as close as possible to the regular racing stance, like you were in a real-life racing car. Livingroom couches, different boards, chaise-lounges and secretaries will not do the task like an authentic PS3 gaming seat will.

The realistic driving setting has nothing to do with home chesterfields, chaise-lounges, escritoires and stands...

The real-life racing context is nothing close to the aforementioned household ottomans, chaise-lounges, secretaries and counters, isn't it? So, at least you should try to have the appropriate racing position. If you do not, you will not be able to sense the actual power and ecstasy the latest racing home video games are conveying. It's as plain as that.

Racing Cockpit

A proper driving posture and convenience

Driver's comfort is always a concern when it comes to playing your best-loved computer car racing games at home. This is the reason why you must seriously think about the option of having one video game chair in your house. You will quickly detect the vast contrast before and after playing with the car racing game chair. Of all game racing cockpits, OpenWheeler PS3 gaming chair supplies the best racing comfort. Every single car game driving seat simulator on the marketplace supplies a correct driving stance, but you will derive the maximum for your cash with OpenWheeler for sure.

You will require the racing simulator for a greater driving experience

Because the game seats marketplace is not packed with players, the very small number of rivals there propose various payment ranges. Essentially, the racing simulators are not inexpensive instruments. Mainly due to the very weak market demand. The payment range is indeed vast, from £200-£300 British Pounds ($300-$500 dollars) for OpenWheeler, to the shocking £26,000 British Pounds (more than 42,000 USD!) for VisionRacer. Do not be baffled by this big cost contrast. If you are a pro football or basketball player (i.e. the price is your last problem in your daily life), VisionRacer is the right video game driving seat simulator for you. In all other instances, OpenWheeler will do absolutely the same task for you for merely one percent of VisionRacer's cost (£270 GBP vs. £26,000 GBP). Otherwise said, with OpenWheeler, at first glance, you seize a lot more than what you are paying for...

The OpenWheeler game driving cockpit

In the first place, OpenWheeler PS3 racing seat is constructed in the United States of America and/or England, depending on where you made the order: North America (,,, etc.) or Europe (,,, etc.).
In the second place, the OpenWheeler race chair is delivered nearly assembled and in 10 minutes possibly you might be prepared to drive!
Thirdly, possibly the most crucial detail, OpenWheeler has by default the following comfort functionalities you will not chance on in other driving car game simulator cockpits such as PlaySeat, GameRacer, GTO Omega Racing, VisionRacer, etc.:
- a collapsible back
- a railway gliding chair
- front wheels (on the pedal plate) for better mobility
OpenWheeler also provides (as most of the other game seats):
- a telescopic video game wheel construction
- an adaptable pedal platform

A foldable back

Not available in other racing chairs on the market. OpenWheeler is one of the innovators which presented a genuine Xbox racing simulator boasting a foldable back function. Harnessing it, you can sit conveniently, like in a genuine racing car.

Gliding rails

Another thing which is included into the standard equipment. Once again originated by OpenWheeler. Not included in other game racing chairs. Playseat wants extra cash and you have to assemble it yourself, which honestly is a quite difficult assignment! It's a do-it-yourself thing...
You will discover that the sliding rail gear is quite convenient! You can glide the seat about 10-15 cm forwards and backwards, making the entrance into the game cockpit world a breeze.
OpenWheeler can be adapted quckly for the next car driving game player. In fact, for only a couple of secs!

Remarkable maneuverability due to push chair-like front wheels

Moving around is easy with OpenWheeler. This is another quite intelligent guess, yet quite on target. Not discoverable in any other driving chair simulator on the marketplace. Rather than raising the whole video game driving chair, all you have to do is gently raise the back side of the driving car game seat and push it towards any direction you choose.

An adjustable (telescopic) car driving game wheel and pedals

The PS3 racing simulator column shifts upside down and inward and backward. The pedal plate moves inward and backward. You can adjust both steering wheel and pedal mounting plates to fit you best, attaining maximum driver convenience... and realism.

Racing Cockpit

OpenWheeler works with all home video game racing wheels on the market at present, from the most affordable, entry stage ones to the number one gaming wheels: T500 RS, Logitech G25, G27, Logitech GT and Fanatec Porsche.

Compatibility with all types of game consoles and car driving simulation games

Receiving the most out of the contemporary home video car racing games has never been so achievable. Modern-day extremely powerful video game consoles such as PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii, provide unparalleled realism and fantastic experience for the car driving game aficionados. Sadly, not really reflected in the proper manner through the analog stick controllers every video game console has. Have a brief ride for a lap or two with OpenWheeler and you will really get to know what's being offered by the latest top-notch car racing games!